Our Team

Manal Kattaw

Manal Kattaw is the CEO of MZK Federal, LLC. She is a female entrepreneur who held multiple government and corporate responsibilities in the language and defense industries. Manal received multiple awards for her significant contribution and support of US Military operations.

Her experience included, but not limited to, translation, cultural and language consultation, interpretation, intelligence analysis, and more. Her immense knowledge and involvement with multiple work environment has eventually culminated with starting MZK Federal to provide government agencies and businesses with all language and content support they need to fulfill their missions.

Nasser Abousamak

Nasser works as the Vice President of MZK Federal, LLC. and through his role, he continues his contributions in the industry helping both private and government clients.

Nasser has over a decade experience with the Department Of Defense serving as a Linguist/ Intelligence Analyst in support of Operation Enduring Freedom helping HET TEAMS conduct 300 interrogations of enemy prisoners of war and debriefs of civilian Personnel which led to the rescue of an American prisoner of war.

Nasser received multiple awards including the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal Award from the Secretary Of the Navy, an award from Task Force Warrior/ Officer Candidate School, a Plaque award from Field Office South West Asia, Military Intelligence, and a Certificate of Appreciation from the DIA for superior performance.

Mark Pitts

Mark is Director of Operations and Partial Owner of MZK Federal, LLC. Mark is retired from the United States Army where he is a 100% disabled veteran with well over 20 years of Recruitment, Business Development, Program Management, and Operations experience.